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2016 grape harvest ends



the last three weeks

Harvest period 2016 is about to end this week in Ribeiro and Valdeorras. Hard weeks of harvesting that began in mid-September and have spreaded over the last three weeks with changing weather conditions, with instability especially during the rains of the first days of harvest that led to days of almost summer heat.

It should be noted that continued rains of the first 6 months of the year influenced decisively in the blooming of all varieties. However, the viticulture team work, and also the care and attention of the partners in their vineyards, has achieve a 2016 harvest in optimal health status of grapes and adequate graduation for winemaking.

Now begins the period of leaf falling and vegetative rest, necessary to give enough rest to the vine, in order to allow us to pick up in September 2017 the fruit of our work in the vineyard throughout the whole year. A work full of care and affection, with the aim of reaching the best quality grapes to transmit to the wine the spirit of Viña Costeira.


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