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Beginning of harvest with the grape harvest for the Tostado de Costeira



Viña Costeira

Viña Costeira will begin its grape harvest on August 25 with the harvesting of grapes for the preparation of its historic Tostado de Costeira, which this year, due to the weather, has been ahead a few days compared to 2016.

Traditionally, the first days of harvest selected bunches are collected for the production of this exclusive wine, that are transported in special boxes favoring its conservation and ensuring the utmost care to respect the traditional recipe of its elaboration.

After a 2016 in which, due to the weather conditions could not be elaborated, the Tostado will return to pass this year for its 100% natural process, which includes a period of dehydration of the grapes for a minimum of 3 months, necessary for The water evaporates through the skin, in a penumbra and without externally modifying the temperature and / or humidity conditions, resulting in this jewel of enology.

After this special selection for the Tostado, Viña Costeira will continue with the global harvest of its own farms and also with those of its partners during the next weeks, to elaborate the wines of the 2017 vintage, which will come to light next year as reference of an historic event: the 50th anniversary of the Cooperative in 2018.


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