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Viña Costeira, the Best Winery of the 2017 year in Spain



Dear friends, we are just speechless this time. The Verema Awards winners have been announced and… we have won the award “Best winery of the 2017 year”!

As mentioned before, the Verema Awards had nominated us in this category among other 11 wineries. After the voting period, in which the turnout figures have been exceeded with 11.300 votes, we have achieved the desired first position.

This is why we would like to extend our sincere gratefulness to everyone who has voted for us. According to data released, we share the winner´s podium with “Viñedos Balmoral” and “Vintae”, congratulations to all winners and nominees

Award ceremony in Valencia

The Award Ceremony will be held on February 15th, from 7PM in Valencia, where we will collect the prize and, we will enjoying an experience that includes tastings, spa and some other surprises related to wine. We will keep you posted on our Social Media channels!

Future impact, keeping our essence

In order to draw up the nominees list, Verema.com has looked at comments and wine tasting published in the site during 2017, in addition to our history and evolution. In the fact sheet of the website, Verema specially highlight our “future projection without forgetting our essence, origin and identity.


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