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The best white wines to enjoy in spring



It is well known that climate determines, to a great extent, our everyday actions and our wine election is no exception to this. Spring has come slowly to Galicia but it seems it is finally here and it has come to stay. And with it, our palates are longing for fruity flavors, fresh aromas, and cooling temperatures to beat the heat as much as possible.

To ease your making decision process between all of our products, we have created a little selection of the four wines that can be enjoyed the most in this season. Each of them has its own essence and characteristics, which turn them into unique products of a great quality, so, pick the one you like the most and ¡enjoy!

Viña Costeira Ribeiro – a redesign that meets expectations

With a medium to high intensity aroma, it is a fine and elegant wine, the best seller in Galicia. It presents touches of fruit, tropical and fresh herbs. Tasty in the mouth, it matches fish, seafood, and cheese perfectly

Different grape varieties (Treixadura, Albariño y Godello, among others) give it a balance and harmony.

In addition, we have recently redesigned its bottle, with a visual and stunning result. Purchase it here .

Colección 68 – the protagonist of the Ruta Momentos Extraordinarios (Extraordinary Moments Route)

Apple, melon, stone fruits and honey flavor notes stand out in its fruitiness for a tasty as well as complex and elegant mouthfeel.

Perfect for fish, seafood, and white meats, it is the protagonist of the I Ruta Momentos Extraordinarios(Extraordinary Moments Route) in which more than 150 Galician establishments are participating, and with which you can win a weekend in a spa.Try it here.

Pazo Ribeiro Blanco – The most traditional wine, now with a commemorative label.

Perfect for fish and appetizers, both very popular in this season. The Pazo Ribeiro Blanco wine has an aroma of a medium intensity, with white fruits, fennel, and fresh herb. With Palomino and Torrontés grapes, the most traditional wine of the winery is perfect to beat the heat approaching us. Discover its commemorative label design here.

Modus Vivendi – live intensely

This wine from the Pazo de Toubeswinery has an incredibly expressive aroma, stone fruits, and citric notes, and it is very captivating and tasty, with a fresh and long aftertaste.

It matches with every kind of seafood, fish, rice and white meats and its label inspires you to live intensely, without fear of being yourself. Sounds interesting? You can get it here.

Now it is your turn. By yourself or with the best company, outdoors or indoors, with the gastronomy you like the best… With any of these three options, you will get it right and every moment will be extraordinary with the best Viña Costeira wines.


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