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Viña Costeira celebrates Father’s Day honouring its “Founding Fathers”



On the occasion of the Father’s day commemoration, Viña Costeira celebrated a well-deserved tribute along with its “fathers”: the wine project’s founding partners, after half a century related to the winery.

Some of the eldest partners of Viña Costeira, present from the very beginning of its creation, were also at the event. As a memory from the winery’s president, Andrés Rodríguez, they received there the local newspaper of 1968 detailing the creation of Viña Costeira

Andrés Rodriguez himself dedicated some words to the honorees: “To show our appreciation to all the people who took part and keep making this project is really important to us. We were born as a collective venture and we are very proud to have become a reference and even to be recognised this year as the Best Winery in Spain, awarded by our customers and visitors. We own this to our founders so we want to acknowledge and make them part of it. What a better opportunity than Father’s Day to do it!.”

Born from the effort and collaboration among small Ribeiro’s vine-growers and showcasing the region’s notable work, Viña Costeira winery celebrates this year its 50th anniversary.

Thanks to every of the winery founders’ contributions result in excellent quality wines.

Due to its wine touristic offer, making know the wine area around Miño’s and Avia’s rivers, Viña Costeira winery gets nowadays over 10.000 visits per year and the forecast is very positive. They promote the great oenological and landscape surroundings by contributing to Galicia’s touristic positioning as well as bringing great economic value to the area.

Viña Costeira winery and its own wineries from “D.O. Ribeiro” and “D.O. Valdeorras”, strengthen its image as a Galician winery group, opting for launching its national and international wines as a quality reference for Galician wine.


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