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Music, gastronomy, wine and guided star seeing on the Perseids Night with Viña Costeira



In its second edition, over 100 people share a night full of magic, with an event growing stronger as one of the most expected days of summer.

Each August, Perseids phenomenon turns the already magical summer nights in a perfect opportunity to enjoy the surroundings peace and the endless beauty of the sky, since its darkness allows for a better observation of the meteor shower.

After the success of an activity organized last year for the first time, Viña Costeira repeated this action on August 9th, with news and surprises that delighted over 100 people attending.

Tickets sold out after a few days

From the launch of the tickets, it was seen that the interest of the users was growing, with tickets sold out a few days after. In addition, a successful raffle on Instagram allowed two people to attend for free and join the rest of the attendees in all the programmed activities.

At 19:45 approximately, the first attendees arrived, cheered by a jazz and bossanova quartet (Galicat Quartet)  that livened the night up in its best moments. After the reception, the attendees visited the winery, learned all the Costeira winemaking details, with a walk around the facilities and the possibility to acquire special packs made for the occasion.

Afterwards, a delicious dinner in San Cibrao unrivalled setting allowed the attendees to enjoy the true Galician gastronomy with a spectacular sunset, followed by the privacy of the Milky Way.

After the dinner, the attendees observed the shooting stars with the help of a group of expert astronomers, enjoying the moment and sharing a one-of-a-kind experience, ending approximately at 2 am, an evening and a night full of extraordinary moments.

While we look forward to the next edition, let us enjoy some of the best pictures of the Perseids Night 2018. Thanks to everyone for your presence!


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