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New image of the emblematic Pazo Ribeiro



Updating the image of its wine with more history: Pazo Ribeiro

New times, new challenges, but always the same essence of respect for the origins. With this indelible premise in our DNA, Viña Costeira takes a step towards change by updating the image of its wine with more history: Pazo Ribeiro.

With almost 50 years behind it, Pazo Ribeiro faces a renovation according to its excellent quality, to adapt its image to the new demands of the market, and to establish a starting point for a future in which, without a doubt, it will remain one of the most iconic referents within the DO, defending with pride its title of first Ribeiro bottled.

A reference wine in Galicia, sponsored by Álvaro Cunqueiro himself and with presence throughout Spain, this balanced and tasty wine continues to bear the name Ribeiro and Viña Costeira wherever it goes, exemplifying the characteristic terroir of the four valleys of granite soils of our region.

A change of appearance preserving the essence, so that Pazo Ribeiro, with us since 1968, continue to accompany us at our table another 50 years.


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