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Night of the perseids in Viña Costeira



nocturnal observation of the Perseids

Night and music, stars and vineyards, can there be something more extraordinary ?. Viña Costeira launches the night of August 18 the calendar of proposals of events in the vineyards of the Cooperative with the nocturnal observation of the Perseids.

In this day, with a limited capacity for which the tickets have been sold out for days, we will visit our winery at 9:30 pm, with a wine tasting and sharing a different gastronomic and musical experience, ending with an observation tutored by expert astronomers of the night Perseids, enjoying a unique night stamp from our wonderful vineyard  of San Cibrao.

With this event is the starting signal of a series of events that will be happening in the different natural points of interest available to our winery.


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