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The Mencía of Costeira, silver medal in the XXVIII Cross-border HG & T tasting of Iberian wines



“Cross-border tasting of Iberian red wines HG & T”

In October 10, a new edition of the “Cross-border tasting of Iberian red wines HG & T” was held, in which almost 160 national references were valued, highlighting the high quality of the tasted wines and of which this week we met their results

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the gradual ascent in terms of quality experienced by the red wines made with Mencía, continuing with its projection in consumer perception and in the evaluation of its organoleptic properties by expert tasters.

Viña Costeira presented its Mencía in the section of the D.O. Valdeorras, reaching with 322 points a meritorious silver medal inside the section of “Wines without breeding monovarietals 2016”, endorsing the high quality of this wine that has already been made an important gap based on exigency in its elaboration within the spectrum of reds of Valdeorras.

Viña Costeira Mencía is a faithful reflection of the “terroir” of the SIl and Bibei slopes, with its slate areas where this elegant and complex wine is elaborated, a well structured  wine, with mineral sensations that evoke the noble landscapes of Valdeorras.


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