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Viña Costeira amazes with its products during the world’s leading Wine Fair



Unsurprisingly, Viña Costeira was present on the 18th-20th of March in Prowein, The International Wine Trade Fair celebrated in Düsseldorf (Germany). The event counted on over 60.000 visitors who enjoyed 6.000 stands from 64 countries all over the world. Despite the scale of the event, counting on so many exhibitors, Viña Costeira’s Export Manager, Ramón Costeira, did his best to make new business, meet with clients and overall, broadcast the winery and its products through the visitors, most of them related to trade, gastronomy and hospitality business. Once he came back, we talk to him to analyze the impressions about the fair’s opportunity for visibility, the visitors’ reactions, the key products and the potential future of the winery in exports: a complex but absolutely appealing sector.

How would you rate your experience during the World’s Greatest International Trade Fair?


It is such an exceptional meeting point for international wine distributors and the perfect place to set meetings with buyers, suppliers and importers worldwide. For a winery like us, aiming to grow its international presence, our presence in this fair is mandatory.


Having into account the presence of over 6.000 exhibitors in ProWein, what is the distinctive value that Viña Costeira aims to transmit to both contacts and visitors?


Viña Costeira is over the standard of mainstream grapes. So many buyers are unaware of this, and we surprise them because of its peculiarity and quality. Moreover, the area and our wines’ freshness is our differential value.

Regarding this, how do you perceive the reception of the products and the winery overall?


We had a great acceptance and our new contacts showed satisfaction respecting the quality of the wines. This could mean new international distributors in a short and mid-term.


From those wines, which could be the ones generating a better acceptance?


“Viña Costeira Blanco” was the one that stood out over the rest because of its freshness, aromatic profile and taste, so it could fit every type of customer.


Sharing such an experience with delegates from over 70 countries enables Viña Costeira to detect good practices and to value the winery real situation. On this basis, how do you perceive the balance between tradition and innovation in the winery?


We collected very valuable feedback respecting our new designs and innovations from both actual clients and new contacts. In this terms, they have highlighted the great step forward we have taken.


What is the impact of being recognized as The Best Winery in Spain from Verema awards in this kind of event?


For some buyers, it is an incentive but a surprise at the same time. It actually brings an attractive reputation plus for Viña Costeira, that is not a very internationally famous winery in the area.


Having this reputation boost in mind, which are your international commerce

expectations for a vital year like 2018 (50th anniversary)?


To increase the winery’s international presence is one of the key goals. Our forecast is positive, in terms of getting new distributions and to increase our presence worldwide.



“Viña Costeira surprises because of its surroundings, its grape’s quality and its wines freshness.”


“Last Viña Costeira’s innovation and improvements are highly appreciated internationally.”


“Being elected as the Best Winery of Spain brings a very attractive reputation plus for Viña Costeira.”


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