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Viña Costeira celebrates its 2016 Annual Assembly



Annual Assembly

Viña Costeira has celebrated the 2016 Annual Assembly. As usual, the date coincided with the Sunday before Christmas Day, and served as a forum for discussion in which analyze the result of the last exercise.

In the Assembly, the Governing Board headed by the CEO of the Cooperative, Andrés Rodríguez Gómez, presented the analysis of the results of the last year and the reports harvest liquidation.

In addition to this analysis, the partners received firsthand information about the new plans that the winery is preparing for 2017. A year that will come full of pleasant surprises in areas such as departmental improvements, brand development and new products, and the improvemente of wine tourism as a strategic area.

Entering the tabletop hour, this transcendental assembly was concluded, taking as a milestone on the horizon the 50th anniversary of the winery in 2018.


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