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WSET, the main wine and spirits qualification provider, authorises Viña Costeira as official course trainer.



The worldwide leader in wine and spirits qualification services Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) officially confirmed us to impart their training courses through More Than Wines. This recognition means for Viña Costeira becoming the first winery in Galicia to be an authorised local branch.

Programs by More Than Wine are designed for everyone interested in developing their knowledge about wine and spirits, from beginner level to sector’s professional. These courses will be held in the own winery’s installations, meaning a major milestone for the wine sector in Galicia as it brings this world closer to the general public and adds an extra value to Viña Costeira in terms of education and internal fortification of the sector and its environment.

First course by the end of May

Courses will start near the end of May and seats are limited, so you can book your spot in advance on www.morethanwines.com. If you are keen on the topic and want to enhance your knowledge about wine processes, world’s wines, complex wine tasting or difference the origin and special properties of each variety, this is an unmissable opportunity.

Program, timetables and inscriptions

The first-course program, taking part on 30th, 31th May and 1st June (Level 2 Qualification), will include in detail:

  • Factors that influence different types and styles of wine.
  • Essential features of the main grapes varieties.
  • Wines style and quality.
  • Production methods.
  • Processes and norms for storage, selection and wine service.

Timetablesfor this course will be from 9 am to 5.30 pm, and the qualification exam will take place on the 1st June, being necessary to pass it in order to obtain the certification.

Courses from More than Wines are specially oriented to professionals in the hospitality industry, including amateurs who aim to start learning about wine or build up their knowledge about it. You can find more information and fill your inscription here.

Let’s learn together about the exciting world of wine!


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