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Excitement, surprises and extraordinary company on the 50th Viña Costeira’s Anniversary event



On the occasion of its 50th years´ celebration, the winery organized an special program plenty of details to honor winegrowers and partners

Finally, we can make official the Viña Costeira’s Golden Anniversary. We celebrated the 50 years of a winery with act in style, side by side to some of the starring responsible of such a great accomplishment. The day was full of emotion, signs of gratitude and appreciation as well as many surprises that result in a unique and magic day.

Three sculptures in San Cribao viewpoint

One of the highlights of the act was the inauguration of three statues of 3 meters height and 1 width, a tribute to the wine producers, their effort and illusion. They were designed and elaborated by Acisclo Manzano, a recognised sculptor natural from Ourense. During the presentation, some of the authorities present in the event were Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of Xunta de Galicia, mayors from the Ribeiro’s area, and a representative group of the directive board of the winery, besides the own artist.

The sculpture set by Manzano is located right in San Cribao’s viewpoint, the place where the act took place. The final result is simply amazing, we encourage to see it yourself!

A partners lunch

After the institutional act, a great homage meal for partners was celebrated in la Carballeira de Santa Cruz. Almost 900 people took pleasure of a celebration featuring Xosé Antonio Touriñán monologs. During his intervention, the actor and humorist detailed the winery’s history, anecdotes and other details with his characteristic tone.

During the lunch, Viña Costeira’s managing director, Andrés Rodríguez was the conductor of a thankful speech, emphasizing the daily effort from the partners for 50 years of collaboration. All of them received a memories pack, and the lucky ones, draw gifts as wine tours to La Rioja or France.

50th Anniversary documentary

During lunch, all partners had the opportunity to enjoy a trailer of the documentary series that Viña Costeira is preparing to celebrate the best memories of these 50th years, including testimonials of some of the ones closest to the winery, as part of the appreciation gift they received. A ten-minute summary including some of the highlights was the first taste prior to the official premiere. Check it out here!

Campaign: “The change in the concept of labeling”

Besides the Anniversary Act celebration, Viña Costeira just launched an advertising campaign on multiple supports based on the idea of “the change in the concept of labeling”, in reference of the new label proposed for Viña Costeira Ribeiro, also a tribute for winegrowers.

To rejuvenate Viña Costeira’s target and to amplify the brand’s presence are two of the main goals of this action, that will be present all summer over 100 billboards in Galicia, as well as national and regional press, buses, airports and Social Media

An attractive and visible new label: the reflection of values and future

The winery’s essence, values and future are combined in this new label, an action to break with the double labeling game, resulting in a more appealing and visible graphic. The winery aims to thank again with this redesign the effort of over 600 partners in Viña Costeira’s wine business, the true responsibilities of the winery’s 50 years celebration being a reference in wine.


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