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This summer, join us for the 1st Costeira Extraordinary Moments Route with Colección 68 wine



Marín, Rianxo, Lalín y Coruña’s coast join forces with Viña Costeira in this special action, where you can win a weekend to enjoy Colección 68 wine while relaxing at a spa.

This summer, to enjoy Colección 68 white wine has a double prize. Just collecting 10 glasses of it, you will get a free bottle… and also join our draw for a spa weekend. Try your luck!

New establishments join the 1st Costeira Extraordinary Moments Route, on tour all around Galicia these last months. Check here the full list of participants for each of the new locations:

Now you know it: get your passbook on your favourite establishment just asking for a glass of Costeira 68 white wine, collect your 10 stamps visiting at least 3 different stores and you will get a Collection 68 bottle, available for redeem in any point of the route. And just by showing your coupon, you will join the draw for 2 days visit to Laias spa and a Viña Costeira winery tour.


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