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From Valdeorras to Barcelona: wine tasting and Verema Experience



November 4

Last Friday, November 4, our winery held a wine tasting leaded by the winemaker of our Valdeorras winery, Manu Sánchez, at O Xoto Restaurant of Larouco.

In this tasting, Manu Sánchez explained the technical details of our wines Collection 68, Viña Costeira Ribeiro blanco, Viña Costeira Mencía, and finally the Lúa Jazz, showing winemaking aspects that solved the doubts and the interest of the 40 participants in the event.

However, the activity of the winery does not stop and everything is ready for our presence in the Verema experience of Barcelona next Monday, November 14.

In this new  Verema Event, you can find our wines in our individual stand, as well as enjoy the experience of tasting our Viña Costeira in the tunnel of Ribeiro Wines. On this occasion, the Verema Experience will have an uninterrupted schedule from 12:00 hours to 21:00 hours and will be held at the Museu Marítim of Barcelona, being able to register on the following link.



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