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The Tostado of Costeira, available again



Ancient tradition

With a careful selection of grapes begins the process of elaborating the Tostado of Costeira, a toasted sweet wine that keeps an ancient tradition which makes it an historical sweet wine, for which it is necessary a handmade workmanship that guarantees its natural character.

The recovery of a historical recipe allowed the commercialization of the Tostado of Costeira in the end of 2005, being necessary for its elaboration specific climatic conditions, conditions that are not given in all the vintages, to later collect the best bunches of each strain in special boxes for its best conservation.

The Treixadura grape must withstand a “pasificación” (dehydration of the grape) for a minimum of 3 months, so that the water evaporates through the skin, in the shade and without external modification of the temperature and humidity conditions. This complex method respects the tradition in the elaboration of a wine that enjoys wide recognition and international prestige.

An artisan jewel that is already available again in our online store.



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