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Viña Costeira releases a new website with greater visual impact and much more options for the user



As we celebrate Viña Costeira’s 50th Anniversary, we redesign our website and improve it in every way possible. We give you all the details!

Attending both to the current trends as well as to the digital transformation process in which we are immersed, Viña Costeira keeps on taking firm and decisive steps in its digital presence aiming to satisfy our users’ requests, more and more demanding, thus achieving a greater performance that the new tools, channels and digital formats offer.

Thus, and together with other strategic digital actions as the launch of our own campaigns, interactive raffles or specific actions for social media, a new website is launched with a great visual appeal and new functionalities for the user.

To be precise, our new website counts on eight highlighted sections: Home, Cellar, Wine Tourism, Vineyard, Wines, Liquors, Events and News, on top of a new section purposed solely to Pazo de Toubes.

A greater number of dynamic elements

As for the graphics, the new website presents a greater number of dynamic elements, which makes it clean and clear for the user, who will be able to detect at a glance where the section or content is located. In addition, its configuration makes it intuitive and easy to navigate around.

Visually, “Experiencia Costeira” (Costeira Experience) has been given relevance, as well as to the product, through pictures aligned with its philosophy and surroundings, without losing the essence of the winery.

As for the content, being awarded as the Best Winery in Spain in 2017 gets a special importance, not to mention, of course, the celebration of our 50th Anniversary in 2018, Viña Costeira Ribeiro’s redesign (which is getting an incredible reception) or the access to some of the most renowned products of the winery.

The wine tourism offer, the events in collaboration with the winery and the latest news are also specially relevant in the new webpage.

nueva web

Improvement of the e-commerce and the purchase experience

On top of all these improvements, one of the greatest advances is the major improvement of the e-commerce and the purchase experience. Divided into wines and liquors, it presents easy filters (White, Red, Special or Toubes), being classified according to different criteria, with new pictures of the products and easier ability to purchase. In addition, for the first time you will be able to acquire Pazo de Toubes products through the new website, which works perfectly with another novelty: shipping costs for every order from 60 euros will be free.

The visible side of the web has taken a huge step, but some technical aspects have also been optimized (not so noticeable to the human eye, but as relevant), which allow for a better loading speed, contribute to improve its visibility and positioning, and ease the search for a specific content, always considering usability and browsing a priority. Of course, attending to an increasing use of phones and tablets, its responsive design allows for an optimal access to the new web from every device.

We invite you to take a look around Viña Costeira’s new website, enjoy its renewed sections and graphic appearance, as well as checking its useful functionalities that make the new website a fundamental element for the digital communication and the marketing strategy of the Best Winery in Spain.



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