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Viña Costeira shows their wines in O Barco and San Vicente do Mar



Last weekend our winery took part in two events with great success of organization and public.

On 16 and 17 July Viña Costeira stepped up their street presence with two events that gathered a large number of visitors during the weekend.

On one side was participating in the XIX Valdeorras wine fair, organized by the D.O. Valdeorras, where our mencía produced in the winery of A Portela was shown. In the event a large number of people enjoyed a splendid day to explore the site where the fair was located.

At the same time, on saturday Viña Costeira was part of a new edition of Ribeiro Wine Festival at the Nautico of San Vicente do Mar in O Grove, event organized by the D.O. Ribeiro. This event had an extraordinary attendance and performances of various bands , which brightened up with their music a day full of sun, beach and Ribeiro wine.


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