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Vintage 2017 review



2017 harvest has been historic

After almost a month of Harvest, Viña Costeira begins to get back to the pulse of the normal activity in the winery. This 2017 harvest has been historic for many factors; firstly because of its long duration due to the pre-harvest weather events; secondly for the extraordinary quality and maturation of the grape, above all registered high temperatures and shortage of rain, and thirdly for the highlight on the 50th anniversary of the winery in 2018.

With about 20 days of advance over the previous year, the harvest in Viña Costeira began last August. The meteorological adversities and the drought, led to a restructuring of the collection process, divided in three phases to cover the collection in function of the different degrees of maturation that were registering in the subareas of Ribeiro.

Despite these complications, the quality of the Vendimia 2017 has been excellent. The more have entered healthy and balanced in the winery, are currently at a suitable pace and conveniently supervised by the Department of Oenology. The evolution of the new wines will see the light in the spring of 2018, being a historic historical coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the winery.


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